There is nothing like living in a quaint and picturesque neighborhood that is away from the chaos hounding city life. Kempsville Road in Virginia Beach is just exactly the place to be for someone who wants to be away from the city but still keeping a good distance from life’s essentials. Schools like Tallwood High and Brandon Middle Schools are just minutes away. Tucked away from the busy streets and the cosmopolitan area, it offers a unique laid back lifestyle to anyone who wants to relax and spend stress-free evenings with their families. Imagine yourself strolling in wide sidewalks lined with trees with a small town grocery and pastry shop around the corner and kids driving around their bicycles. It is simply an area only storybooks would tell.

Along Kempsville Road, is a newly renovated two-storey home that boasts of features that you and your family would love to have. Spread over a 5,968 square foot lot is the house which only has an area of 1,880 square feet. Imagine how wide can your gardens be without necessarily sacrificing your personal need for big spaces. The outside of the house reflects a uniquely American house with a chimney, garage, and a patio that blends beautifully with the look and feel of the entire village. Painted in dirty white and beige, the bricks that line its walls makes the house stand out when driving in the area.

Surprisingly, the inside of the house is a good as its façade. It has three bedrooms, 3 full baths, walk in closet, and a small office. Its main door opens to the spacious carpeted living area with a fireplace giving you the luxury to move around without fear of bumping into anything. Perhaps the best thing about its living area is, it is minimally decorated giving you more freedom to customize furniture and appliances upon moving in the house. The kitchen has newly installed countertops that come with wood finished cabinetries. Of course, it would not be complete without a dishwasher, microwave, electric range, and refrigerator which already inclusive of the price of the house. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining area with a four-seater table. Its bedrooms are just enough for your family’s needs. The master’s bedroom and the other two bedrooms are efficiently laid out to maximize spaces within the entire house enough for a walk-in closet and a small office to fit in.

The entire house is equipped with state of the art technology for you to enjoy all the conveniences – centralized air conditioning system, heat pump, and it is now cable ready.

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