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Allen Horton


William Allen Horton was born and raised in western North Carolina near the Appalachian Mountains. Allen has been active duty Navy since 2003 and has been deployed 2 times to the Persian gulf and Red Sea areas of operation. He is currently stationed at Oceana base in Virginia Beach Virginia and serves as a AC (Air Traffic Controller) keeping our skies free of mishaps. In 2015 he moved back to Hampton Roads. Again a resident of Virginia Beach, he finally witnessed first hand the joy of home ownership, even though he wasn’t sure if “he could do it” or if “it was a good time.” Working with an expert Realtor in Virginia Beach, he was led through a pleasant and informative process to his first home.

The positive change that was made by this was his inspiration for becoming a Realtor. Working with an expert team with decades of combined experience, he is ready and motivated to provide the
maximum assistance to helping others in their Real Estate needs. He also has a dedicated drive that is built-in to better serve and help people through the power of home ownership. Allen is a intricate part of the Sand to City Real Estate Team and will continue to grow past any expectations of the team, himself, and others around him.

Allen Enjoys serving his community in more ways then the military and as a Realtor, he enjoys volunteering at the Norfolk, and Virginia Beach SPCA (Animal Shelter) as well as (Adopt a stream) program in Washington D.C. keeping our land beautiful everyday. He enjoys Boating (that wonderful life on the water in Hampton Roads), Fishing, helping our furry friends, and working on anything with a high performance engine.

Call Allen Horton today for any of your home buying, renting, selling needs and get on the right path.